Saudi Arabia, Jeddah| 06 October 2019 | MEPCO, the Middle East’s largest containerboard and paperboard manufacturer, announced today that it obtained the ISEGA certification for its product MEPWHITE (White-Top Liner). By certifying MEPwhite; MEPCO has an ISEGA-certified full range of containerboard products. MEPCO’s certified product list include MEPflute, MEPliner, MEPkraft, MEPdual, MEPchem, and recently, MEPwhite. Having a certified full range of products boasts MEPCO brand quality as well as widens its customer base and product applications. To see the full range of MEPCO products, please visit the website.


ISEGA, established in 1966; as a research institute in the field of paper, board and food packaging. ISEGA’s laboratory provides a wide range of analysis services in the fields of environment, materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.


Obtaining ISEGA certification for containerboard products is a supreme authentication of the quality of such products globally.


Mr. Ahmed Fazary, the Chief Commercial Officer of MEPCO commented: “We are proud for making such significant achievement. MEPCO is certified to manufacture and sell containerboard products under the ISEGA dry food contact certificate. MEPCO stands as the only company in the Middle East holding a full range of containerboard products certified by ISEGA labeled as safe for food contact.

This gives MEPCO and Saudi Arabia a clear competitive advantage against regional peers, and secures a level-playing-field for competing internationally. Finally, I would like to thank ISEGA for their collaborative efforts with MEPCO since 2015”.