Organizations across the globe are embracing sustainable development principles and are supporting the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals.
Global ESG Awards, recognizes these pioneers, celebrating those companies at the forefront of fostering sustainable development who understand the responsibility they shoulder as a corporate citizen.
The ESG awards are held every year, and winners are recognized in 20 categories aligned with the 17 UNSDGs.
Through a robust and transparent assessment of the applications which is conducted in two steps which involves submission of written assessment based on which the applicants are shortlisted, the shortlisted applicants are then invited for presenting their application.
This year 100 + nominations were received and 30 organizations were awarded for their sustainability initiatives, helping foster a sustainable future.

The award was hosted by chief guests included, Atul Gulati COO Agile Advisors, Alyssa Mariano Co-Founder & CEO BAZAARA, John Grainger Chief Operating Officer-Environmental Solutions Dulsco

The awards were sponsored by RA Global, Agile Advisors and ESG Suite