MEPCO wins anti-dumping complaint, GCC Bureau Technical Secretariat
imposes definitive anti-dumping duties of 24.6% to 34.0%
JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, April 1, 2019 (Press Release) – The GCC Bureau Technical
Secretariat of Anti-injurious Practices in International Trade (GCC-TSAIP) announced
the final result of the Anti-Dumping complaint submitted by MEPCO at the end of
2017. Investigations has confirmed that dumping practices of Uncoated paper and
paperboard (Fluting or Test liner), in rolls or sheets (Containerboard) of Spanish and
Polish origin occurred. It has also confirmed the damage that happened to GCCbased
paper manufacturers and the causal relationship, therein.
Accordingly; the GCC Bureau Technical Secretariat of Anti-injurious Practices in
International Trade (GCC-TSAIP) imposed anti-dumping duties on the said products
originating from Spain and Poland of 24.6%-31.0% and 34.0%, respectively. These
duties are valid for five years starting from the effective date of this decision, 1 May
Sami Safran, CEO, commented: “We are overjoyed by this news! MEPCO took the
lead in filing anti-dumping case mid 2017 for a justifiable cause, one that has been
righteously established. The GCC containerboard industry will soon have reasonable
protection against harmful practices and a better opportunity to thrive”. Al Safran
concluded: “I would like to express my sincere gratitude my team that handled this
long exercise, and shareholders for their continued trust in MEPCO”.
About MEPCO: MEPCO is the leading vertically-integrated paper manufacturer in the
Middle East, offering a diverse range of containerboard and specialty paper
products serving the packaging, construction, furniture, and paper core industries
around the world. MEPCO supplies its products to the local Saudi market, as well as
the GCC, Middle East and Africa. Furthermore, the Company has developed a
growing presence in South Asia, the Americas, and Europe. The Company’s
innovative approach to doing business enables it to deliver a significant
environmental and economic benefit to its home market. The use of energy- and
water-efficient production processes enables MEPCO to offer environmentallyfriendly
and recyclable products to the market. Through its wholly-owned
subsidiary, WASCO, MEPCO’s raw materials are sourced from locations across the
Kingdom, securing business sustainability while providing measurable benefits to
the Saudi economy. MEPCO is listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange, under Tadawul
symbol ‘MEPCO’.