Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 19 September 2019: The Middle East Paper Company (MEPCO), one of the largest paper mills in the Middle East and Africa, today hosted the first meeting of the Arab Federation of Paper, Printing, and Packaging Industries (AFPPPI) at its headquarters in GCC region in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Representatives from the paper, printing and packaging companies from the Arabian Gulf region convened to revitalize the role of the Gulf Regional Office. This Federation aims to achieve fruitful cooperation among its members to raise the capability of the paper, printing and packaging companies at the institutional, organizational and professional levels.


The meeting included a number of discussion topics; starting from the opening speech, followed by an overview of the Arab Federation, organizational structure, activities, and finally a review of the proposed action plan to take place in the Arab Gulf region. The discussions were led by Dr Fadi  Gemayel , Chairman of the AFPPPI, and Eng Sami Safran, Chairman of the Gulf Regional Office and board member in the AFPPPI. Discussions encompassed a host of representatives from paper industries including: (MEPCO),  (WARAQ), Al Watania Paper Products, Qassim Corrugated Box Factory, Banawi  Group, and Rabih packaging, and Watania Gypsum Company Ltd .


Dr Al Gemayel , Chairman of AFPPPI commented: “We are quite optimistic about the Federation’s first meeting in the Arabian Gulf region as it represents a significant shift relative to other branches of the Federation. We foresee that it will spearhead all Middle East offices, proving its effective role in improving and developing the regional paper, printing and packaging industry”.


Eng. Sami Safran, Chairman of the Gulf Regional Office and board member in the AFPPPI, commented: “We believe that development and change start with taking a step towards achieving the future vision of the Federation; which focuses on the development and modernization of its mechanisms, to be able to face the immediate and future challenges posed by the profound changes in the paper, printing, and packaging industry, and stay abreast of developments in the Arab sector.  We aim to advance to higher levels through the development of a roadmap that enables the Federation to carry out its actions”. He added: “The collaboration of representatives specialized in the paper, printing, and packaging industries in the Gulf to the Arab Federation greatly contributes in providing highly effective advantages. It also adds a wide range of services to all companies working in the paper and packaging industries in the region, such as statistics, research, reports and to open a gateway for more cooperation with similar entities around the world. Finally, I would like to thank all those who are present for their recognizable effort.”