In alignment with Saudi Arabia’s avid measures taken to contain the COVID-19 outbreak
pandemic, and given the importance of maintaining open communications with all stakeholders,
management has taken the following steps to ensure the safety of its employees, and to
guarantee business continuity.
The safety and wellbeing of our people are the first and foremost priority. We are doing every
possible effort to secure a safe working environment during these challenging times.
Being an integral part of the national supply chain for essential goods, medications, and FMCGs,
the operational continuity of MEPCO and WASCO is vital. We continue to operate to ensure an
undisrupted supply of goods to everyone.
A crisis management team was formed early March to take necessary actions. The team is
working around the clock to ensure application of critical HSE measures in alignment with
governmental procedures. The senior management team is in continuous contact with regulatory
authorities. The following measures are well in place:
Access to factories
– Access to production facility and office is limited to one point of entry/exit to ensure traffic
control, taking into consideration not to cause queuing or crowdedness.
– Mandatory temperature check with infrared thermometers on arrival, without exceptions.
– Any person with a temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius is denied access to the facility
and is required to stay at home.
Employee transportation
– Employee transportation to and from housing was spread over 3x the number of buses to
avoid crowdedness.
– Buses are disinfected after each use.
– Chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) is secured, in large quantities, for use in sanitation
and disinfection. This substance is 100% effective in disinfecting surfaces against viruses
and germs.
– Encouraging cleaning hands frequently.
– Hand sanitizers are scattered across the facility.
– Disinfecting floors, surfaces, door knobs, and any areas with direct human contact several
times throughout the day.
Protection & prevention
– Social distancing, no handshaking or any type of physical contact in greetings.
– Factory workers are supplied with gloves and masks.
– Prayer areas have been closed.
– Dining facility closed.

– Work shifts have been reorganized to carry minimal amount of workers to ensure
operational continuity. More staff can be called on emergencies.

– All travel has been cancelled. Management uses online meeting solutions even in the
highest corporate forums (i.e. Board of Directors, Executive Committee Meetings, etc.)
This information is made public to keep all stakeholders abreast of the precautions taken by
management. We look forward to this crisis ending with us all in good health.