MEPCO, Middle East Paper Company, a major producer of containerboard in MENA Region had
won one of the Pulp & Paper International Award (PPI), the pulp and paper industry’s most
prestigious awards worldwide – the “Water Efficiency Award ”.

The paper production is a water intensive process; however, MEPCO was able to overcome this
challenge by entering an agreement with the nearby Al Khumrah Wastewater Treatment Plant,
which handles the domestic wastewater in Jeddah City, to treat and reuse its wastewater. The
wastewater is discharged from the paper plant, being treated and sent back to the Treatment
Plant. After its expansion, MEPCO installed its ETP applied with biological treatment to improve
recycled water quality and to accommodate recycling large volumes of water internally.

The award was presented in Ritz Carlton International Financial Hotel in Dubai on 11th December
2013 organized by RISI, the leading information provider for the global forest products industry, the
PPI Awards program honors leadership, vision, innovation and strategic accomplishments within
the pulp and paper industry. This is to recognize the achievements of companies, mills and
individuals and the only global awards dedicated in pulp and paper sector. RISI selected the
international panel of judges based on their relevant expertise in the industry

MEPCO had also earned other awards in some categories being the “ Business Strategy of the Year ”– 1st runner-up,“ Global CEO of the Year ”– Finalist, and “ Mill Manager of the Year ”– Finalist.“This is indeed a remarkable achievement reflecting MEPCO’s determination and confidence bringing out our best globally”, said CEO, Sami Safran